Lonely and the moose

Liz Clark, hailing from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, is a trans-atlantic, wandering songstress. Tessa Perry, from a wee fishing village in West Cork Ireland, is an un-hurried and haunting folk singer.

Both performers, with respectable solo careers of their own over the last 10 years, joined voices and forces while meeting in New York City in 2005- the melting pot of all lonely-hearted artists- forming Lonely And The Moose. Since then, using their natural instincts of collaboration, they've performed on both sides of the Atlantic from small coffeehouses and venues to sold-out concert halls, opening for the likes of Ani Difranco, Damien Rice, The Indigo Girls, and The Counting Crows.

"We both respect each other tremendously. Really, what we're trying to do with the

music business is just do what feels right, share our love of music with each other and

hope that translates to our audiences. it doesn't need to be any more complicated than


Liz and Tessa's philosophy of simplicity manifests itself into spending part of their year

as troubadours, touring The States and parts of Europe and sharing their love of music. The other

part of the year is spent in Ireland, recovering from being relentless, touring,

troubadours and working a 10 acre organic garden and cafe on the West Coast, where Tessa is the award-winning head chef. Both of these girls metiers lie in the heart of the song, which evoke past and present, and an timeless artistic drive to make music and celebrate the harmony of

the grace notes we all share.

Liz Clark, known for her unique, crystalline tone, charismatic stage presence, and poetic

rock songs, has 4 solo albums under her belt, with a few underground recordings from when she first found her passion as a lanky 14 year old coffeehouse singer/romantic.

Her music has gone on to reach an international fan base with a #1 music video on MTV’s LOGO channel, placements in television programs such as The Hills and MTV’s Real World, and even a slot on the 2011 Lilith Fair with Sarah McLachlan and Emmylou Harris.

Tessa Perry, a singer/songwriter in the mode of Suzanne Vega and Beth Orton, has been

delighting audiences with her soulful folk sound and honest-to-life lyrics. “Perry’s own

sound is distinctive enough to push her clear of comparison.” (Claus.com). She's created

quite a splash in Ireland and Europe since her days as a street-singer and busker where she got her start 15 years ago. Many of her fans have been gained by opening for The Indigo Girls, The

Corrs, and Lisa Hannigan, and The Hothouse Flowers in recent years.